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Let me tell you a little about myself. I am by definition a failure and a success. I have dropped out of college. Twice. READ MORE

I have been homeless. I have been in car crashes. I have had my lights, water, heat, phone and cellphone cut off. I have been jobless. I have been fired. I have been broke. I have been without healthcare. I have been close to divorce. I have had my car repossessed. I have had no car. I have felt like, "i don't know what to do". I have been on welfare. I have been lonely. I have experienced the death of loved ones. I have failed classes. I have broken bones....had my heart broken...been hungry. I have been angry. I have been blind with cataracts and once with chemical burns to my eyes. I have had my bank account seized. I have had to stand in line for free Christmas gifts for my supplies...even cheese. I have cried. I have had failed businesses(yes, plural). I have seen death. I have been hopeless and helpless....but I am still here. I am a success. I consciously decide DAILY to find something to smile about and to consciously make someone else smile. I have learned to embrace my "failures" as the steps to my success. I LOVE them. They have taught me that I am a survivor. That we all are. I ride the roller coaster of life with my hands up on the way up....and also on the way down...and while i'm on the downward part of the "ride", I make sure to look forward for the part where the "ride" starts climbing upwards again. I say this, because I know that a lot of my friends probably feel like their "failures" are endless. That they cannot see anything beyond the dip that they are in...but that's not how the roller-coaster (life) is designed. You may be on that ride with the super deep plunge...but the ride ALWAYS rises...if only for a moment. If only to throw you into a "loop" or another dip. It will rise. The key is, ride the roller-coaster. Don't let the roller-coaster ride you. Every day I laugh...because a long time ago, I decided that things and situations will not control my mood. I took the power back from the things that could control if I "had a bad day" or not....because, I finally realized that, I cannot control the intangible. I can only control how I choose to react to things. I laugh...