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Cooking With Greens was born in May of 2017 on Facebook. The brand started by Derak and Anita Green, started as a cooking page that celebrated food, family and fun. Viewers were welcomed into the kitchens of family including cousins, nieces, nephews, daughters and other family  during live interactive broadcasts as daily meals were prepared. With an emphasis on unprocessed whole foods, Cooking with Greens was an example to viewers that healthy eating and cooking was viable for any family. Our informative shows, laced with humor and wisdom became a popular staple on Facebook, and then YouTube. 

As our brand grew, we developed a few proprietary spice blends that focused on the use of the benefits of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. Through research and trial and error, our blends were born. We currently sell them exclusively through the Cooking with Greens website, but are looking to expand. Thank You for being interested in our brand and product line. We welcome you as Cooking With Greens Family!