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Cooking With Greens
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Spicy Umami

Our Meaty Mushroom Blend

seafood fave

Spicy Seafood Blend

Our Spicy Blend of 19 spices is perfect for seafood, veggies and practically anything! 3.6 oz.

Lime_660x880 sale

Seasoning Blend

A daily seasoning salt option featuring the benefits of 84 mineral rich pink Himalayan sea salt! 4.9 oz.

Sea Salt with Iodine

Kelp added for iodine. Himalayan salt is said to contain 84 minerals that are good for your health. However, not all of ...

herb fave

No Salt Herb Blend

Our salt Free option of 29 exotic spices and ingredients 3 oz

No Salt Go To Blend

Our Salt Free Go To Blend incorporates all the basic spices we use in most of our recipes!

maplebacon fave

Go To Blend

Our Go To Blend is a low sodium blend that incorporates all the basic spices we use in most of our recipes! 3.4oz

creole1 fave

Creole Seasoning Blend

Our blend of spices with a splash of New Orleans featuring the benefits of Pink Himalayan Sea salt! Try our Cajun style ...

Black Mesh Kitchen Cap

WearGuard® Cool Mesh Kitchen Cap 100% polyester closed hole mesh Moisture wicking Terrycloth ...

bbqtomato fave

Any 5 Blend Pack

Any 5 of our spice blends for one price! ONCE ITEM IS IN YOUR CART, CLICK "SHOW CART", SCROLL DOWN AND PLEASE USE THE ...

7 Pack Deal

Package deal of all 7 of our original spice blends!

nosalt4b sale fave

4 Pack No Salt Blends

Our proprietary NO SALT blends. Full of flavor and no sodium!

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